Tavern Buđoni and the Neretva Valley - a paradise for all your senses!

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Tavern Buđoni and the Neretva Valley - a paradise for all your senses

T avern "Buđoni", opened in 1976. is located along the Napoleon road in the picturesque village Momići, one of the Neretva valley jewels. Tavern "Buđoni" is situated close to the A1 highway exit that enables you a quick arrival from Zagreb, while for 30 min. up to an hour's drive you will reach the famous tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik, Makarska, Medjugorje and Mostar.

T he Neretva Valley is known for its rich flora and fauna, and by coming to the tavern "Buđoni" you have the opportunity to taste excellent authentic Neretva dishes of which are certainly the most famous those prepared with eels and of frogs. Here you can enjoy the excellent delicacies made by different types of fish and meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade desserts, and there is a rich offer of wines.

E xperience the true beauty of the Neretva valley, sailing through the untouched swamp in a traditional boat - ladja. Listen to the bird`s tweet and croaking of frogs, Enjoy all the beauty of the Neretva area! While you're in the Neretva valley, seize the opportunity and visit the Archeological museum in Vid, the first "in situ" museum in Croatia, and Museum of Natural Science in Metkovic whose ornithological collection with about 340 specimens of stuffed birds, is one of the largest in Europe.